Fort Collins Home Inspection Services


BUYING and SELLING a Home is an exciting event. We work with your goals in mind! We specialize in making sure everything goes smoothly. We educate our client about the home. We bring to light any conditions that could delay or jeopardize the closing.

As the SELLER, you can gain market advantage by having your home inspected prior to listing. This becomes your opportunity to list the many benefits of your home, as well as disclosing any items which may need improvement (as required by law). In this way, "hidden issues" are less likely to pop up at the eleventh hour...or on the day of closing.

As the BUYER, you want to be assured that the home you have fallen in love with does not hold any surprises that may be costly to you down the road.


Fort Collins home inspection services



  • Fully insured with General Liability and E&O insurance

  • Very Competitive Rates

  • Courteous and professional service from beginning to end

  • Prompt and effective communication 

  • Thorough & methodical inspection of the entire home

  • Un-biased, clear, and concise computer-generated inspection report

  • Comprehensive on-site explanation of issues found during the inspection

  • Numerous pictures provided in report to impart a clear picture of any issues

  • Peace of mind that you understand the current state of the home you are buying

  • Inclusion in the inspection process. Our clients are encouraged to accompany the inspector!



"I can't thank you enough for being excellent at what you do as it provided me with a thorough picture by which to evaluate this property".  Terra Robinson, Home buyer